One of the few supplements that women do not talk about is BCAA. Yet they are very useful when you play sports regularly! Let’s go to know all about BCAAs and their benefits.


BCAA? it is an acronym derived from English: Branched Chain Amino Acids. These are amino acids in branches that are essential. Our organism can not manufacture them by itself, so it is our food that brings them to us. Yes, but here it is. When you play a lot of sports or have a restrictive diet, you may miss amino acids . This is why many athletes or competitors consume.

BCAAs are composed mainly of 3 amino acids: Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine . Most brands play on the distribution between these 3 amino acids. So there is usually more Leucine than Valine and Isoleucine. The ratio most often encountered is 2 times more Leucine than the other two. So there is often written 2.1.1! Is it enough for you to know everything about BCAA? No ! So we need to understand what BCAA is for.


BCAAs are known to promote protein assimilation, muscle development, and energy during training. We immediately see that this supplement is especially of interest for people who regularly practice sport. Simply put, by helping your body better absorb protein, BCAAs will help properly nourish your muscles and repair them after the trauma of training (anabolism). They are also useful because during the training they will directly serve as energy to your muscles and help you to make a better session. It is not really a booster and you will not feel the effects during the session. Attention, like most supplements in bodybuilding, their effect is difficult to measure. It is in the medium term, session after session that the BCAAs will help your body and your muscles to develop better.


Already, you will understand, the benefits of BCAA are especially for people with regular physical activity . Although BCAAs may facilitate fat loss, this has been studied on athletes only. If you are only looking to lose weight without doing sports, try other supplements such as multi-vitamins that will also help you offset your shortcomings related to a very strict diet.

If you are athletic and want to use BCAA, we generally advise to use an average of 1 gr per day per 10 kilos of your weight . If you weigh 60kg, consume 6 grams of BCAA per day. To adapt of course according to your level of sport practice and according to the recommendations of the mark. We can do cures during the periods when you ask the most your body but it can also be consumed all year long!

Since BCAAs play an important role in muscle building, it is important to consume them around training . Most practitioners consume them just before their training or distribute them between the beginning and the end of their session. Personally, I mix them with a bottle that I drink at the beginning of my training.

BCAA are also very interesting for endurance sports and will be very useful to runners! That’s it, you can pretend to know everything about BCAA … except how to consume! I tell you everything now.


Many brands sell quality BCAA at more or less expensive prices and it is often difficult to navigate. Personally, I order them at Women’s Best . Being an ambassador, I order my supplements at Women’s Best because their composition is among the best on the market . (And like a lot of girls, I’m sensitive to their marketing girly lol). They regularly complete their range of fitness supplements and I always find a taste that I like! Personally, I consume BCAA strawberry kiwi taste, it’s my favorite  ! But there is also lime – cola, cold peach tea or green apples. And in addition, it is powder, easy to mix in your training bottle! Before I consumed BCAAs in capsules. They are often very big and not easy to swallow (beware of the capsules stuck in the throat lol) but it’s up to you to see what you prefer!